2017 Schedule



Friday, June 9

Gate opens at 4pm

Access to the campground is not guaranteed until 4pm!

Find your site, set up camp and meet other attendees

7pm Welcome Address at Circle A Campfire

7-10pm Group jam session at Circle A Campfire


Saturday, June 10

9am - 12pm Workshops

12pm - 1pm Lunch break

1pm - 3pm Workshops

3pm - 6pm Individual Activities

6pm - 8pm Retreat Potluck at Circle A Pavilion

8pm   Group Jam Sessions at Circle A/B Campfire


Sunday, June 11

9am - 12pm Workshops

12pm - 1pm Lunch break

1pm - 3pm Workshops

3pm - 6pm Individual Activities

6pm - 8pm Dinner break

8pm    Group Jam Sessions at Circle A/B Campfire


Monday, June 12

If you made it this far.... go home!

And thanks for coming!


Frequently Asked Questions


What if I arrive at the campground before the gate is open?

If you arrive at the campground before the gate is open here are some suggestions of things you might enjoy doing.  Hike Horseshoe Bend Trail, the trailhead and parking are located near mile post 36, between Glacier and Excelsior Campground.  The trail meanders through the forest along the Nooksack River.  The whole trail is rated as easy and is about 3 miles round trip, it should take around 1-2 hours to hike it depending on your pace.


You could always grab a pint or something to eat at Chair 9.  The restaurant is located near mile 35, closer to Glacier.  They serve excellent wood fired pizza and burgers, appetizers, and sandwiches.  They are happy to mix you a cocktail or pour you a beer.   We recommend the nachos!


If you would like to stay close to Excelsior Campground while you wait you could drive up the highway a brief distance and take a gander at Nooksack Falls.  The turn is on the right , follow the gravel road , which may not be in terrific shape, and park.  The view of the falls is a short walk from the parking area.  There are a couple of "big steps" down required to reach the viewing area but otherwise it's an easy trip to the falls.  The falls drop over 80 feet and are really quite lovely.


 If you have lots of time you might drive up and see the snow!  Even though it is June it's very likely that there will be plenty of snow left where the road end.  The Mt. Baker Hwy (SR542) is maintained year round to Mt. Baker Ski  Area. The final 3 miles are not maintained year round and will probably be buried under snow.  You might be able to watch the machinery clearing the road to Artist Point.  There  are restrooms and picnic tables at Heather Meadows and you could have a picnic in the snow.


I'm a night owl, is it okay to rock 'till dawn at this event?

We ask participants to recognize a quiet period from 10pm - 7am.  You don't need to be absolutely silent but please understand that there may be others that wish to sleep and they will thank you for your respect. Likewise , we have marked some areas of the camp as quiet areas.  Please take a peek at the campground map and think before you decide to howl at the moon in the quiet side of camp.  We have designated a noisy area as well.  Please choose to camp there if howling is your thing.


May I bring my dog to this event?

You may bring your dog. You must always clean up after your dog.  Please keep your dog on a leash or under control at your campsite at all times.  While delightful, dogs can be disruptive and do frighten some people.


What if I want to jam but don't want to participate in an already established jam?

You are more than welcome to start another jam in another location that won't compete or disturb the existing jam.  Most sessions will happen at Circle A Campfire but don't forget that there is another group fire pit and pavilion down at Circle B.   Both may be used for group jams!  We'll do our best to keep a good supply of wood for each of the group fire pits.


If you didn't find your question answered here please contact Rebecca.